Pete Lazer

Just a few things Pete has done lately.

  • Sing and dance with Hugh Jackman (Red Ball, BMDI)
  • Hosted Aust Next Top Model with Jen Hawkins (Chadstone)
  • Anzac Day Oberservance with VC Ben Roberts-Smith (Perth)
  • All things music with Molly Meldrum (Melb)
  • Bring in the new year with 400,000 people (Fed Square)
  • Hosted the last 9 Miss Universe Australia National Finals (Melb/Syd)
  • National anthem with sarah de bono (Canberra)
  • Talked Queensland floods with Prime Minister (Brisbane)
  • Music with the Madden Brothers (Sydney)
  • Launched albums with Bob Geldof (Sydney)
  • Raised $1 Million dollars with Eddie McGuire (Melbourne)
  • Sang with Brodie Holland (St Kilda) 
  • Cooked chocolate with Roger Federer (Lindt)
  • Played Remote Control Cars with Sachin Tendulkar and
    MS Dhoni (Canberra)
  • Bowled with Warnie on the G (MCG)
  • Stood on the mark for Matty Lloyd (Etihad)
  • Shot a goal with the Harlem Globetrotters (Melbourne)
  • I/V Prime Minister about the World Cup (Sydney)
  • Comm games swimming with Thorpey (Melb)
  • Turned on lights first time with Ricky Ponting (Hobart)
  • Ran the Tan for Charity with Bob Skilton (Melbourne)

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